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Neocon Declares Iraq War Crimes a “Worthy Mistake”

Kurt Nimmo | October 19 2006

It is simply amazing the rabid, psychopathic neocon, Jonah Goldberg, son of Lucianne Goldberg, Lewinsky scandal barker, is allowed to characterize the bloody politicide in Iraq as a “worthy mistake” and nobody challenges him on it.

Goldberg got his start as an understudy for the eminent and thus infamous neocon Ben J. Wattenberg. He works behind the scenes at the American Enterprise Institute, the criminal organization in part responsible for the “worthy” mass murder of more than 600,000 Iraqis.

It is said the Los Angeles Times is a “liberal” newspaper, and yet Goldberg is a columnist there, and op-ed columnist Robert Scheer, described as a liberal, was fired for taking Bush to task for his illegal and immoral invasion of Iraq.

In fact, there is not a single “liberal” corporate newspaper in the country, as the entire corporate media is decidedly neocon, that is to say fascist, although occasionally neocon crimes are described as mere peccadilloes in passing, criticism that does not amount to a hill of fetid beans.

Most “liberals” are now neocons, as Goldberg notes.

Goldberg tells us the Iraqis should be allowed to vote up or down on the U.S. occupation of their country. “Polling suggests that they want us to go,” avers the deluded neocon. “But polling absent consequences is a form of protest. With accountability, minds may change and appreciation for the U.S. presence might grow.”

Of course, this process may be nudged along with the help of a few hundred Diebold voting machines strategically placed. “If Iraqis voted ’stay,’ we’d have a mandate to do what’s necessary to win, and our ideals would be reaffirmed. If they voted ‘go,’ our values would also be reaffirmed, and we could leave with honor. And pretty much everyone would have to accept democracy as the only legitimate expression of national will.”

How utterly vomitous.

As a self-aggrandizing neocon sociopath, Mr. Goldberg is far more interested in his villainous “ideals” and their supposed reaffirmation, never mind the abominable war crimes—for instance the fact the United States is currently waging nuclear war on the children and unborn of Iraq through depleted uranium contamination. Never mind, as well, the multiple violations of humanitarian law, the Geneva Conventions, the Hague Conventions, and the Nuremberg conventions, all violated repeatedly in Iraq.

As should be expected, the neocons have turned on Bush, accusing him of squeamishness and lack of intestinal fortitude.

“Those who say that it’s not the central front in the war on terror are in a worse state of denial than they think Bush is in. Of course it’s the central front in the war on terror. That it has become so is a valid criticism of Bush, but it’s also strong reason for seeing our Iraqi intervention through. If we pull out precipitously, jihadism will open a franchise in Iraq and gain steam around the world, and the U.S. will be weakened.”

As we know, this “jihadism franchise” was masterminded by the CIA, MI6, Mossad, and Pakistan’s ISI, not that we can expect the “liberal” Los Angeles Times to tell us as much, even with the historical record smack dab out there under the unflattering light of day.

Iraq is “the central front in the war on terror” because the neocons declare it such, even though anybody with two brain cells to rub together—and that excludes a few million Americans—realizes with a scant fifteen minutes of research using the Google search engine that there are precious few jihadists in Iraq, only nationalists, albeit of the Ba’athist strain, and of course no shortage of U.S. sponsored black op teams masquerading as “al-Qaeda” and other Wahhabist nutcakes spawned and sponsored by the exceedingly corrupt and murderous monarchy in Saudi Arabia and shipped in for the explicit purpose of balkanizing Iraq.

Naturally, Mr. Goldberg, who obviously hates Muslims and subscribes to the “clash of civilizations” agenda for total and unremitting war, does not remind us that Saddam killed fanatical Islamist terrorists when and where he found them and hated Osama bin Laden (no doubt, as a former intelligence asset, Saddam recognized a CIA plant when he saw one).

If jihadist terrorism, as Goldberg claims, is the reason “we” are in Iraq—an excuse right behind weapons of mass destruction, followed by bestowing democracy of benighted Arabs, oh never mind—the neocons would have done much better by leaving Saddam Hussein in place.

But then the invasion and occupation has nothing to do with any of these things. It’s all about Israeli hegemony and making damn sure the noxious war class, rife with mass murder profiteers, in connivance with oil barons, the whole lot of them scurrilous psychopaths, get what they came for, that is to dismember Iraq, chop it into three bloody and mutually hostile pieces, and steal everything of value while leaving behind the wholesale destruction of human infrastructure and scattering from top to bottom radiological death for a few billion years (the half life of depleted uranium is 4.5 billion years), crimes that indeed make the Nazis pale by way of comparison.

Not that any of this matters. Because, soon enough, truthful words such as these will be waterboarded away, as fascists and corporate authoritarians, when given the chance, invariably eradicate the truth tellers and those who stick their heads up, thinking not of self-preservation. Of course, that is what the Military Commissions Act is all about, not Muslim terrorists, most of them engineered by the CIA, the Pentagon, MI6, Mossad, and a vile sprinkling of others.

In fact, when you think about it, this blog is an exercise in futility, as even the supposed “liberals” opposed to Bush, who are neocons with a bit of sugar coating, will not allow voices of reason and sanity a scant moment of exposure on the corporate soap box.

It’s not the policies of the neocons, per se, according to the neocon lib lites, but rather a managerial problem, as John “Skull and Bones” Kerry, Bush’s distant cousin, told us during the last “election,” that is to say the last time the Diebold voting machines, easier to hack than a standard PC with even a wimpy firewall, were rolled out in Ohio and, shamefully, here in New Mexico (shameful because nobody complained or did anything about the obvious thievery, including the Democrats who were ripped off, thus demonstrating their complete and utter spinelessness and criminal acquiescence).

No, none of this matters, and may be considered an exercise in mental masturbation, because the neocons are firmly in control of the horizontal and vertical.

I am, however, amazed they have allowed blogs such as this to exist—but then, as this blog gets around 2,000 unique hits per day, and the population surpassed 300 million the other day, and 50 or 60 million of these are rabid, plastic flag (made in China by slaves) waving zombies, it is so marginalized and unimportant as to not really pose a threat.

Of course, down the road, as the fascist state becomes more aggressive and fanatical, all opposition will be rubbed out in predictable fashion, as history repeatedly demonstrates.

On that day, as most of us disappear into the night and fog with nary a bleat, the neocons will raise a champagne glass in celebration.

In the not too distant future, after these monsters have reduced the planet to a smoldering nightmare, their children, instead of chorusing songs of praise, as the neocons promise, will instead be pissing on their gravestones, cursing the whole while.


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