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Review: Terrorstorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism

Roberto Palladino / Boheme Vertie | October 19 2006

Alex Jones has broadcast in Austin for over ten years. He is a syndicated radio host, a documentary filmmaker and a cable TV presenter with a rather considerable viewer and listener base.

Some think of him as a “dangerous nut job,” while others see him as a “true patriot.” Whatever people think, Jones is definitely leading the charge against our country’s administration in the so-called War on Terror. Sounds pretty impressive, right? But what does that mean exactly?

Jones has spent years being a flea in the ear of the American establishment (governmental and media alike). Through his cable TV show and national radio show, his intense outrage and brutal honesty are being broadcasted to people who may not have previously listened–but to whom he is now making a good deal of sense.

Jones’s opinions have also, intentionally or not, spawned a burgeoning class of “9/11 Truth” writers and directors.

Terrorstorm, Jones’ latest foray into the 9/11 quagmire, has much to chagrin of some of the mainstream media, attracted enormous attention. It is one of the most disturbing documentaries to be made in many years simply because of the allegations it makes, the names it mentions and the relentless way Jones goes on the attack.

The film begins with an exploration into how governments of the past (and possibly present) have “created” terrorist attacks to scare the populous into voting for or against the current administration in power, in order to bring justice to our country (sound familiar?).

Terrorstorm takes a look at the burning of the Reichstag in 1933, Operations Himmler, Ajax and Gladio, the Gulf of Tonkin incident and the truly shocking Operation Northwoods (all of which are researchable online, so you can come to your own conclusions).

The film moves through the Madrid and London bombings last year, and examines Jones’ claim that the bombers of the Spanish capital’s main railway station had “close ties to Spanish Intelligence, the Bomb Squad and were not al-Qaeda.”

The London bombing mastermind is named as "MI5 protected double agent", Haroon Rashid Aswat. Despite Mohammad Sidique Khan’s later video broadcast to the contrary, the film goes on to claim that the bombers themselves had no clue they were about to commit mass murder. Jones makes so many allegations (there are simply too many to go into) that it makes your head spin, but it makes you think.

Isn’t that what a good documentary is supposed to do?

Terrorstorm is a solidly produced, bold and fascinating piece that dares to ask the question: Whom can you really trust?


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