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David Horowitz’s Slander Archive

Kurt Nimmo | October 19 2006

According to the neocon David Horowitz, former Marxist and admitted traitor, there are “relentless web-wide attacks on me by the political left, whose purpose is not to engage an intellectual argument but to eliminate me from any debate all together.” Included in Horowitz’s spanking new archive is an attack on me by Israeli settler and academic, recently convicted of slander, Steven Plaut. Horowitz declares the purpose of critical assessment of his extremist neocon and Zionist political viewpoint by the “leftwing” is “to smear conservative figures” and reproduce “falsehoods” Horowitz declares are “reproduced so many times that I have only been able to answer a small fraction.”

Instead, Horowitz enlists Plaut, a convicted character assassin, who believes my “intellectual base seems to be a New Mexico Walmart…. His day job, on the other hand, is at the photo development desk at Walmart,” a scurrilous lie. Obviously, for Horowitz, slander is fine and dandy, so long as it is directed at the opposition. As well, it is perfectly fine to allow an “obsessed and ill professor,” according to Barry Chamish, to tell lies, but then, of course, the entire neocon edifice is constructed on a foundation of lies.

Poor David Horowitz, stuck with a vile, hateful, and indeed, based solely on his writings, a mentally ill person such as Steve Plaut. But then nobody forced Horowitz to repost Plaut’s slanderous article against your humble blogger, in fact grounds for yet another libel lawsuit against Plaut. However, unlike Horowitz, I don’t have rich patrons showering me with money, patrons such as the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation and the Bradley, Olin, Sarah Scaife and Smith Richardson (now called Randolph) Foundations. According to Media Transparency, Horowitz’s Center for the Study of Popular Culture, recently renamed the “David Horowitz Freedom Center” (no, David’s ego is not an issue), has received $15,134,000 in total over the years. Horowitz may rant about “leftists” receiving funding from the likes of the Ford Foundation and Soros, and yet, the hypocrite Horowitz receives millions from reactionary foundations.

Last year, when Teresa Fedor, an Ohio senator, asked Horowitz where he gets his funding, the former Marxist gone neocon carnival barker replied: “Ten Foundations. Thirty-five thousand people.” Jennifer Jacobson, in the May 6, 2005 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education (subscription required), writes: “Mr. Horowitz admits that he does, in fact, remember who gives him money. ‘[Fedor] wanted me to say Richard Mellon Scaife,’ he says, standing in his hotel lobby. ‘I like Dick Scaife. He’s been utterly demonized.’”

And demonized for good reason, as Dick Scaife funds the American Enterprise Institute, the criminal neocon organization where Bush gets his “minds,” as in criminally insane minds, responsible in large part of the invasion of Iraq, currently responsible for slaughtering 600,000 Iraqis.

“In 2003, $3.26 million was donated to [Horowitz’s] center, and it paid Mr. Horowitz $310,167 in 2003. This is before he earns any money from his $5,000 speaking engagements,” writes blogger Redbeard. “I might like Dick Scaife, too, if he gave me $310,167. Especially if the money helped me to comfortably engage in my own self-aggrandizement.”

But self-aggrandizement is not enough, of course, as Horowitz is apparently compelled to repost lies against his enemies, employing the opprobrious professional libelist Steven Plaut, “who fabricates e-mail addresses, websites and user names to spread slanders” and steals forum membership lists, according to Chamish.

It makes sense Horowitz would retain Plaut and repost his slanderous articles, for if the neocons, and their Zionist buddies, subscribe to anything, it is Machiavellian expediency and dishonesty.


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