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Who Would Benefit from Another Terrorist Attack?

9/11 Blogger | October 17 2006

If there is another terrorist attack between now and November 7th, who stands to benefit?

Saddam? He's in jail, and it wouldn't do him a lick of good.

Iran? No way. Given that Cheney has already instructed the Pentagon to draw up plans to nuke Iran if there is another attack on the U.S., carrying out such an attack would be suicidal.

Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda? Why would they wait 5 years after 9/11 to attack right before the U.S. elections (especially since this is the first election since 9/11 that the Republicans are in real danger of losing)?

Everyone knows that fear is good for those currently in power. Does Al-Qaeda want the Republicans to keep the House and Senate? That makes no sense.

And given that another large attack against the United States - if planned by Bin Laden - would likely cause the U.S. to stop tiptoeing around Pakistan and instead cause us to send in massive numbers of troops to track him down, wouldn't this be suicidal for him as well?

Or does it make more sense that the Republicans in power themselves would benefit the most from such an attack. Because, if there was another attack on the U.S. right before elections, it would scare the voting public into rallying around those in power.

How convenient.

My intent in writing this is to help wake people up to the fact that any attack between now and election day benefits - and is thus likely to be carried out by - those in power within the United States. If we take away the likely success of such an attack in manipulating people, it is less likely they will be tempted to carry it out.

Of course, Democrats are probably just as bad as the Republicans. See this chart showing false flag attacks and fake intelligence under both Democratic and Republican administrations. The Dems and GOP as they currently exist are just two heads of the same pro-war party.

Finally, as a side note, Bin Laden might be dead, and Al-Qaeda is largely a boogeyman of the Bush Administration. So talking about Al Qaeda as separate from Pakistan's ISI or the CIA may not be entirely accurate. However, for the sake of simplicity, I have assumed that Bin Laden is still alive and that Al Qaeda is not connected with any Western government.


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