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Abu Musa al-Hindi: Another Patsy Bites the Dust

Kurt Nimmo | October 13 2006

In order to ramp up the fear and paranoia, we are told Dhiren Barot, also known as Abu Eisa al-Hindi or Abu Musa al-Hindi (noting his Hindu origin) and dozens of other aliases, moved freely between several countries, plotting mayhem and mass murder.

According to the Times of India, Barot is a “British Hindu convert to Islam of ethnic Indian origin” who has apparently admitted “plotting to detonate a radioactive ‘dirty’ bomb and other explosive devices to commit mass murder in Britain and the US,” an unlikely attack designed “to contaminate hundreds of innocent people with radiation sickness and set off nationwide panic.”

Barot was convicted “of conspiracy to murder in relation to a terrorist offence” in a British court on Thursday. “The conviction of Barot, who will be sentenced at a later date, is regarded by British police and security services as one of their most significant successes in the fight against radical Islamist terrorism.”

Barot was not convicted of actually possessing radioactive materials, toxic gases, chemicals, explosives, etc., but rather for possessing a notebook describing these things.

“Barot was charged with possession of notebooks containing information on explosives, poisons, chemicals and related matters, and of a reconnaissance plan concerning the New York Stock Exchange, the International Monetary Fund, and the Citigroup building in New York,” the Associated Press reported in August, 2004. “Following the Aug. 1 terror alert involving those buildings and the World Bank in Washington, the U.S. government acknowledged it had no evidence of plans for imminent attacks.” Actual evidence, of course, matters not, as the point here is to scare the dickens out of the average idiot tube spectator, long inculcated with the idea villainous Muslims are out to get us because they hate our freedoms.

Once again, the ignored subtext here is that Dhiren Barot is yet another patsy in a long line of patsies.

It is said Barot was nabbed after Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan (Abu Talha) was arrested in Pakistan. Khan is described as the “computer specialist” and, amusingly, “al-Qaeda’s webmaster” (no doubt writing code in a cave), who, according to the London Times, was “sending messages for Osama bin Laden” (see Michel Chossudovsky, The Pakistani Connection: The London Bombers and “Al Qaeda’s Webmaster”). After his arrest in July, 2004, Khan was flipped, that is to say he agreed to participate in a sting operation against his fellows, including Barot.

As it turns out, the data on Khan’s computer—originally described as a treasure trove of valuable information detailing nefarious “al-Qaeda” mayhem and murder plans—was “outdated” and thus useless, although this did not stop the Bush administration from declaring a headline-grabbing “terror alert” with all of its attendant hoopla and corporate media generated fear of bad guys lurking in the shadows.

“One federal law enforcement source said his understanding from reviewing the reports was that the material predated Sept. 11 and included photos that can be obtained from brochures and some actual snapshots. There also were some interior diagrams that appear to be publicly available” (see previous link). In addition, according to the Associated Press, a spokesperson for the World Bank confirmed that the information regarding the Bretton Woods buildings on H Street NW in Washington DC was “largely out of date…. ‘There was no information to suggest that they entered the building at all or got information from someone who was inside the building.’ … ‘[A] lot of it was actually public information that anyone from outside the building could have gotten.”’ In fact, as the New York Times revealed at the time, “the information, which officials said was indicative of preparations for a possible truck- or car-bomb attack, left significant gaps. It did not clearly describe the suspected plot, indicate when an attack was to take place nor did it describe the identities of people involved.”

Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball, writing for Newsweek on January 24, 2005, noted that “departing A.G. took credit for tough actions that disrupted plots, ’significantly damaged’ Al Qaeda and ‘made it far more difficult’ for the terrorists to operate.”

Ashcroft’s claims may be impossible to prove; some counterterror officials insist the original intel about a Qaeda plot was both hyped and misinterpreted. The real strike, it now appears, was being planned for Great Britain, not the United States. Still, the case of Qaeda sympathizer Mohammed Junaid Babar may have been a key part of the story. A 29-year-old former student at New York’s St. John’s University, Babar was tracked flying off last winter to South Waziristan in Pakistan, where he attended what some analysts believe was a terror summit that included the notorious Qaeda pilot Adnan Shukrijumah and Dhiren Barot, the operative suspected of casing New York financial institutions a few years earlier. Justice officials say they learned of Babar’s activities in part through a highly contentious method: monitoring his Internet use at a New York City public library, where he allegedly exchanged messages with Qaeda confederates abroad.

Thus we may conclude that Dhiren Barot’s notebook, containing “outdated” information, “photos that can be obtained from brochures,” and “interior diagrams that appear to be publicly available,” is also useless and hardly constituted an imminent threat against hapless Americans or Brits.

But never mind. “In the London court on Thursday, Barot was portrayed by government prosecutors as a dangerously volatile person who sought to cause ‘injury, fear, terror and chaos’. The prosecutors said Barot’s plans for multiple explosions at iconic skyscrapers and key financial buildings in America, including the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, the New York Stock Exchange and Citigroup were ‘designed to kill as many innocent people as possible.’”

Ludicrous plots, as usual, make for sensationalistic newspaper copy:

One of Barot’s key plans was described as the Gas Limos project, the name actually given it by the accused man. The project envisaged committing mass murder by packing three stretch limousines with propane gas cylinders and explosives and detonating these giant ‘car bombs’ in office, shopping mall and hotel underground car parks. This project, planned over a four-year period by Barot from 2000, were meant to be a “synchronized” series of attacks across the UK, the court was told.

In the end, Barot will be convicted of “conspiracy to commit public nuisance” and “seven offences of making information records for terrorist purposes and four of possessing a record of information for terrorist purposes.”

In other words, Barot will be sent up the river for thinking about terrorism and writing these feverish fantasies down in a notebook, not actually participating in a feasible terrorist plot. But then, since virtually all “al-Qaeda” terrorism is of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale caliber, and the American and British people are not threatened by the actuality of terrorism (short of state-sponsored terrorism), this makes perfect sense.

Finally, to put all of this into perspective, it should be noted that the hapless Barot “was publicly identified as having formerly fought alongside mujahedin forces in J&K and served as an instructor at an Afghan training camp. At the time, unnamed US authorities admitted they had known of his existence and connections to the highest levels of al-qaida for some time. In the past, Pakistani officials have described Barot as ‘a veteran of the Islamic militant battle against Indian forces in Kashmir.’”

In other words, he worked for Pakistan’s notorious ISI, essentially a CIA subcontractor. Even the usually reserved online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, describes the tight relationship between the two organizations. “A number of officers from the ISI’s Covert Action Division received training in the US and many covert action experts of the CIA were attached to the ISI to guide it in its operations against the Soviet troops by using the Afghan Mujahideen, Islamic fundamentalists of Pakistan and Arab volunteers.”

Of course, these “Islamic fundamentalists” and “Arab volunteers” are now popularly known as “al-Qaeda.”


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