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WTC 7 Video From North, South & West, prior 2 collapse

You Tube | October 10 2006

I just found this obscure video of WTC 7 prior to its collapse on 9/11/01. The video shows a lot of important information.

The South & West sides can clearly be seen. Smoke is coming from the foreground (not WTC 7) and is also pouring out of WTC 7. The thick black smoke seems indicitave of diesel fires, although the NIST says, "no diesel smells reported from the exterior, stairwells, or lobby" [Source: NIST, Preliminary Response to the World Trade Center Disaster, April 5, 2005].

On August 2, 2005 the NIST made a "special call today for photographic and video images" and went on to say that they "are especially interested in WTC 7 and views of the South and West faces of the towers."

The NIST delivered 53 WTC investigative reports to the public on Oct. 5, 2005 but with 4 reports "incomplete". These reports cover the WTC 7 collapse sequence, WTC debris damage from North Tower, Seismic data on 9/11 & the Con-Ed substation beneath WTC 7. Their report names are respectively "NCSTAR1-6E, NCSTAR1-6F, NCSTAR1-6G & NCSTAR1-6H". Email wtc@nist.gov and ask where these reports are and when will they be available?

Is the NIST creating the modern equivalent to the "mystery bullet" that somehow went through Connaly's shoulder, then into his hand, then trough his hand, and then into Kennedy and then came out looking perfect?

Ask questions, demand answers. The NIST has 10 times as many people available to contribute to this report now that they are done with the first 53 sections of their 9/11 report. Furthermore, all references to WTC 7 are vague and reference these dead end reports. Many WTC 7 documents are reported to be missing, and thus NIST says things are inconclusive.

One thing is clear. In the NIST April 5th, 2005 report on WTC 7, they admitted that the "massive size of columns 79, 80, and 81 appears to require severe fires and/or damaged fireproofing to initiate thermally-related failures" [p.29].

See also another new video of the rooftop collapse that I found recently.


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