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Ki-moon: Moonie or Neocon Toady?

Kurt Nimmo | October 10 2006

According to Wayne Madsen, Ban Ki-moon, the South Korean diplomat pegged to replace the disgraced Kofi Annan at the lapdog United Nations, is a member of “the Unification Church of GOP and Bush supporter Sun Myung Moon.”

A standard Google Search turns up no evidence of this, although, in the past, Madsen’s intelligence sources have proved to be remarkably accurate.

AsiaNews, a Catholic news source in Italy, characterizes Ki-moon as a “member of a ‘group without Church’, a serious organization that emerged in Japan at the beginning of last century. Its members, mostly intellectuals, make the Gospel a source of inspiration for their private and public life,” a disturbing aspect, if true, as it appears the head of the United Nations will be an evangelical Christian interested in preaching the Gospel.

Not satisfied with the ambiguous AsiaNews description, the blogger Shaphan did a bit of investigation and speculates that Ki-moon may be associated with the Korean World Mission Association. “If Mr. Ban were to be affiliated with the Korean World Mission Association, it would mean his faith was heavy-duty and geared towards mission—i.e to converting the infidels. Also, it seems that Rev. Samuel Kang endorses, nay, prays for, the University Bible Fellowship (UBF), a controversial Korean mission aimed at university students worldwide. Some westerners have described the UBF as a cult-like group, and there are several organizations for ’survivors’ of its alleged clutches.”

I’m not sure what is worse—an affiliation with the Korean World Mission Association or Moon’s Unification Church.

“Senior officials at the United Nations expressed despair today at the prospect of Kofi Annan being succeeded as secretary general by Ban Ki-Moon, the South Korean foreign minister,” reports the Guardian. Ki-Moon is not only “faceless and does not have much charisma,” but he is “given to platitudes,” although such bromides are not specified (as an evangelical Christian, it can be assumed these are of a religious nature).

Regardless, according to the AsiaNews, for the neocons, Ban Ki-moon is the perfect choice. “We are very happy with the result,” John Bolton remarked, obviously overjoyed to get rid of Kofi Annan, who opposes the neocon plan for total war against a litany of enemies, particularly those of the Islamic persuasion.

Even though Christianity is the world’s largest religion (%33), with Islam coming in second (%21), if indeed Ki-moon is an evangelical and proselytizing Christian—or, forbid, a Moonie—this is an obvious slap in the face to the other religions of the world, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese traditional, primal indigenous, etc.

But then, of course, the neocons are not concerned about this, as they require a servile toady to do their bidding at the United Nations, a “world body” long compromised and soon to be even more so. For all they care, Ki-moon could be a shaman doctor of Kyzyl or a Tuvan throat singer, so long as he does their bidding—that is to say facilitate World War III, or as the neocons like to call it, World War IV.


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