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A Look at Reporters Killed in Russia in Recent Years

AP | October 9 2006

MOSCOW Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya, a fierce critic of the war in Chechnya who was gunned down in her Moscow apartment block Saturday, was the latest investigative reporter to be killed in Russia. These are some of the murders of other reporters in recent years:

July 9, 2004: Paul Klebnikov, the U.S.-born editor of the Russian edition of Forbes who had been investigating the murky business world in Russia, is gunned down as he leaves his Moscow office. Two ethnic Chechens accused of carrying out the murder were acquitted earlier this year.

April 29, 2002: Valery Ivanov, editor of the newspaper Tolyatinskoye Oborzreniye in the southern city Russian city of Togliatti, is shot dead outside his home. The newspaper was well-known for its reports on local organized crime, drug trafficking and official corruption.

June 7, 1998: Larisa Yudina, editor of the opposition newspaper Sovetskaya Kalmykia in the southern Russian region of Kalmykia, is stabbed to death and her body dumped in a pond on the outskirts of the regional capital, Elista. Two men, both former government aides, were caught and convicted of murder.

March 1, 1995: Vladislav Listyev, executive director of the newly formed public television station ORT, is shot dead as he enters his apartment block. Listyev was one of Russia's best-known TV journalists. Some observers suspect his murder was connected to a controversy over whether to permit advertising on the new network.

Oct. 17, 1994: Dmitry Kholodov, an investigative reporter for the Moscow newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets, is killed in a bomb blast at the newspaper's office. Kholodov, who had been investigating mafia connections with the military, was killed when he opened a briefcase he believed contained secret documents.


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