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Even Bank Managers Don't Know the Scam they Perpetrate

Cremation Of Care | October 6 2006

I went to a local bank (name withheld by us for legal reasons) today and asked if they had any leaflets or info on fractional reserve banking, they didn't have a clue.

Me: Hi, do you have any information on Fractional Reserve Banking?
Clerk: Excuse me, what is that?
Me: I've been told by someone it's a system of lending people fresh air/non-existant money.
Clerk: hmm...
Me: Well, can you please call your bank manager?

Bank manager comes along, shakes my hand and asks me more what fracation reserve banking is.

Me: Fractional reserve banking is when everytime someone puts a pound into the bank, the bank has the right to lend ten pounds it does not have and that the banks are lending people fresh air money, numbers on a computer screen.
Bank Manager: [looks bewildered] hmm...yeh but money exists, people are working for it everyday, loans are created and so are mortgages etc...
Me: what is a mortgage? and why are people spending 3 times the amount to live in 1?

The bank manager and clerk are typical examples of system fodder people, who don't have clue in this Hierarchy system of control and manipulation!

What is Fractional Reserve banking?

"First, one must be aware that the Federal Reserve Board is not Federal, nor are there any reserves! The Elite, who control the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks, (the FED), have created an incredible system to take our assets. Here is how the grand scam works:

1.) The Federal Reserve Central Bank has the Federal Reserve Notes printed by the US Treasury for pennies on the dollar, with not a cent of reserve or investment!

2.) Then it lends this ‘money’ to the Federal Regional Banks who multiply this deceptively created credit seven times over. For every billion dollars it borrows from the Federal Reserve Central Bank, Regional Banks lend seven billion dollars! (That is why it is called ‘fractional’ reserve banking.)

3.) The losers are the people and businesses who borrow this created credit line and are forced to pay it back with interest that is collateralized by real assets (their homes, cars, land, factories, etc.).

4.) Another deception of this system is that the controllers of the money supply (The FED) have virtual command of the economy. For the economy just to keep going, The FED needs to create more new credit each year than is due in interest payments. * A Federal Reserve $1 note buys goods only because people believe it has value. If people realized that there was no true value behind these Federal Reserve Notes, they would be worthless!" [CS pg 36-37] http://www.fearorlove.com/FAQ.htm (Thanks to Narinder of multi-illusion.com for sharing these thoughts)


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