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War Criminal Kristol Confronted in Austin

Kurt Nimmo | October 6 2006

Bill Kristol, who should be doing the perp walk in an orange jumpsuit for mass murder, as he makes Charlie Manson look like a piker, was caught on video earlier this week in Austin, Texas, by the Info Wars team.

It is interesting to witness Kristol attempt to slough off the decisive role played by PNAC in the criminal Iraq invasion and minimize the remarks of Thomas Donnelly, who apparently wrote the “catastrophic and catalyzing event” line in the PNAC document.

Kristol should win an Oscar for his facial expression as he dismissively addresses PNAC war crimes, that he contends have “a life on the internet now.”

Kristol, however, is not a very effective liar, and his discomfort over questions asked at the forum and banners raised is more than obvious, and he attempts to mask his befuddlement with the trademark Kristol smirk.

It really is too bad somebody didn’t perform a citizen’s arrest on this Schmittian fascist, as he is at the core of the neocon cabal and sorely needs to be paraded before a judge in manacles. Such a spectacle, however, would be something more than he is willing to do in regard to his enemies now that the neocons have managed to kill habeas corpus.


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