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HR 4239 Could Label You as a Terrorist

BBC | October 5 2006

The Senate companion bill S3880 passed as amended on the night of 9/29/06 by Unanimous Consent. That means not one Senator opposed the bill. There was an amendment made at the last minute, but it was not substantial enough to protect your Free Speech. The House adjourned for recess without taking any action, so it will still have to go over to the House during the next session which begins Nov. 9 and may last until Christmas. It is more imperative than ever that you contact your Representative in the House and ask them to vote against this bill.

If HR 4239 becomes law, anyone who causes an animal industry to lose 10,000 in revenues by exposing their abusive practices could be fined, jailed and labeled a terrorist. This bill contains vague wording that purposely has been proposed to stop those who would speak up for the animals from being able to freely do so. It is a violotion of our first amendment and yet all of your Senators passed it by Unanimous Consent and a dozen Representatives have signed up as co-sponsors.

While it would appear to be a good bill that just prohibits violence, it goes further by only exempting lawful activity. Trespassing to get a photo, or undercover taping of an animal suffering is not a lawful activity and while it is non violent, it is still civil disobedience and thus punishable as an act of terrorism.

Get the full story HERE and then contact your Representative to let them know that you oppose HR 4239.


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