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Laura Ingraham's "Lie Of The Day" poignantly debunks critics of torture bill

InformationLiberation | October 3 2006

Lie Of The Day

"This bill makes the president a dictator. For when someone can order people jailed forever without being subject to any judicial review, that is dictatorial power. The president wants to exist in a law-free zone," claimed Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), on the House bill which allows for tougher interrogation of terrorists.

A law-free zone?!? The whole point of this debate is to help CLARIFY the law!
That's it. That one line is the entire response. That one line is "THE TRUTH." It doesn't matter that legal experts at the Center for Constitutional Rights have went on the record stating:

"This ominously broad definition of enemy combatants would mean that almost anyone who actively opposes the President or the government could be locked up indefinitely. This bill makes a mockery of the rule of law."
No, that doesnt matter to neo-con hacks like Ingraham. The "truth" is a one line propaganda slogan which is told to you as an excuse to deny reality.

What is the reality? What is the real "Truth"? A neo-con shivers in fear when they consider this truth for even a second... A neo-con fears this more than they fear a "towel head" coming and killing them in the middle of the night.

What is the truth? The truth they fear is this: We, the American people, we are the terrorists. All of this legislation is not designed to fight "Ay-Rabbs" with towels on their head, it's designed to fight us.

Neo-cons, and even liberals, are too afraid to seriously consider that possibilty. Instead, they've tricked themselves into believing living life in a hypnotic daze, constantly being "Hannitized" by government worshipping whores, is a more desirable reality than admitting to themselves the true reality. The true reality that a government which threatens it's people, constantly telling them terrorists are going to kill them at any minute unless they submit, is a terrorist government.


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