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'CO2 scrubber’ could help slow global warming

London Telegraph
Monday, June 2, 2008

A new machine designed to “suck” carbon dioxide from the air could help in the fight to save the world from climate change, according to physicists.

A group of scientists are devising a 'CO2 scrubber’ which they claim will capture one tonne of CO2 from the air every day, about the same per passenger as a flight from London to New York, reducing the warming effect of greenhouse gases produced each year.

Although the idea has been mooted as a possible weapon in the battle against climate change, it falls far short of a quick fix solution.

The 'scrubber’ devices – small enough to fit inside a shipping container – would need to be produced in their millions to soak up human carbon emissions, and the CO2 trapped would still need to be disposed of.

The prototype will cost about £100,000 and take about two years to construct at a laboratory in Tucson, Arizona.

Environmentalists may warn that so-called technological solutions to global warming undermine attempts to promote greener lifestyles and industries.

Physicist Klaus Lackner, of New York’s Columbia University, who led the U.S. team behind the invention, said the CO2 scrubber offered more hope than current efforts to cut carbon emissions by reducing fossil fuel use.

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