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Dallas TerrorStorm Premiere Review

Hammer of Truth | August 30 2006

My good friend and fellow libertarian chic, Elle, asked me to attend the Dallas premier of Alex Jones’ movie, “TerrorStorm” this past Saturday. I accepted. I am not a listener of Alex Jones, but had visited his Infowars site after my father told me of it. (I should mention that my father is not the man described in my bio, but he and I are quite close now that I am an adult.)

Elle and I arrived early and went to The Balcony for a drink. We had barely finished our drinks when we decided to go downstairs to enter the theater. I was blown away by the line waiting to enter. It was a very long line of people that fit into no certain camp. There were young professionals next to hippie types. There were old people talking to younger people. Republicans, Independents, Democrats and, of course, Libertarians. Most of us were Americans; all of us were hoping to glean some sort of truth from the chaos which seemed to have started on September 11, 2001.

Conspiracy theories are in fashion today, so please pardon me as I put on my Prada tin foil hat and officially jump on board. I am a “nut job” who believes that 9/11 was an inside job. I believe that the media barrage of unsubstantiated bullshit is purposeful in design. From the Miami 7 to the Michigan 3 to the Heathrow, what was it? Um, 17, 21? To the many recently diverted flights and biometric scanners at Knoxville- there is purposeful intent to intimidate people to disregard freedom in favor of state control. But, I knew and said that before Saturday.

Even with the slams I am sure to take for it, I am happy to proclaim “TerrorStorm” a well delivered message for our time. I encourage all of you to see it, buy it, and share it. I found it mostly historically factual. (Mostly only because I have not checked every single detail.) And, I am sorry to say, I have always mostly agreed with Rick Rajter on this issue, and did not speak up. Oh, I spouted off to friends, but it took me a while to get used to the “crazy” description. It took me some time, some books, and the review of hours worth of 9/11 footage to make this public. It took report after report of bullshit to remove the last of my blinders.

Orwell’s “1984? is here- though 22 years late. Everyone is a potential terrorist. We were always at war. Speaking the Truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.

Thank God for revolutions. May a revolution of thought rain/reign (you pick the usage) on us now.


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