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New Terror Messaging on FOX

News Hounds | August 30 2006

Back in early 2004, when we monitored FOX for "Outfoxed", I noticed that "Terror Alert: Elevated" scrolled by on the bottom of the screen at approximately three-minute intervals. It no longer registers consciously, as I'm certain is the intention, just a subliminal drill, drill, drill.

Today I noticed a new fearmongering message added to the scroll. It reads

"Terror Alert Level for U.S. aviation remains at orange, or high, after a foiled terror plot that targeted U.S. bound flights"

followed by, in large orange letters


That was followed by
Overall U.S. Terror Alert Remains at yellow, or elevated

and then the familiar drill,


This sequence was repeated five times during the hour of The Big Story, interspersed with multiple repititions about two separate incidents of bogus bomb threats, the two recent fatal plane crashes, and various and sundry plots and threats around the globe.

The mind games continue to escalate, as we are told that only Republicans can keep us safe but simultaneously we are told that we are in constant danger even though they are and have been in control of virtually everything for over five years. Please, sir, may I have some more?

Honestly, this ought to count as an in-kind campaign contribution to the RNC.


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