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Cyber Bug Flies High in Crime Fighting

WTVM9 | August 24 2006

The next time you look up in the sky you many notice the latest technology in law enforcement.

Wednesday the National Security Center in Chattahoochee County unveiled what looks like a video game, but really it's the newest tool for security and surveillance.

It looks like your typical remote control airplane, the only difference is this one has a birds eye view of crime.

They call it a Cyber Bug.

It has a small camera that feeds back surveillance video used for military investigations and now law enforcement.

"The most important would be to try to locate missing alzheimer patients missing children that have wandered off and of course you have the fugitive side if you are looking for a fugitive or an escapee,"says Ralph Johnson Muscogee County Sheriff.

For years these prototypes have been available to military but for the first time they are now available to local law enforcement.

Aside from surveillance, manufacturers say a tool like this could come in hand for drug raids.

Though the Cyber Bug can take a bite out of crime ... it's play station remote control makes it user friendly for even a child.

"We designed it to where any kid that's grown up playing video games would be familiar with the systems. We actually have a video controller type device for it,"says Billy Robinson. CEO Cyber Defense Systems.

So today's tech savy kids might well take off with this crime fighting bug.

The Cyber Bug was also used during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina for search and rescue missions.

So, from seven miles out, and five hundred feet in the air, military and law enforcement can see what's going on.

The whole system runs about 30 thousand dollars. There is no word yet if local authorities plan on making that investment.


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