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VIDEO: O'Reilly asks if judge who ruled against NSA wiretaps wants Americans to die

Raw Story / David Edwards | August 23 2006

Last night, Bill O'Reilly and Tom McArdle of Investor's Business Daily took turns slamming the federal judge who recently ruled against the NSA's domestic eavesdropping program as a "liberal activist" who may want "Americans to die" or "wish ill will on our forces."

"You see, I don't understand Judge Taylor," O'Reilly began the conversation, "maybe you can help me."

"Does she want Americans to die?" O'Reilly asked.

McArdle sidestepped O'Reilly's question (which was pronounced twice by the FOX News host), but said that the judge has a "long history as a left-leaning political operative."

But O'Reilly persisted with his line of inquiry.

"But say she is a - and I do believe this...I know her background - she is a activist, far left jurist," said O'Reilly. "Okay. Say that's true. Does she want dead people in the street here in America?"

Finally, McArdle agreed.

"That's right," said McArdle. "I don't have a crystal ball and none of us do as far as looking into this woman's mind and seeing what her motivation is."

"Does she really wish ill will on our forces or is it some kind of pacificistic naivete?" asked McArdle.


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