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Professor Steven Jones speaks out on Moseley hit piece

Professor Steven Jones | August 19 2006

A recent article by Jon Moseley totally misrepresents my statements on C-SPAN.

From this essay by Moseley, we read:

At a national conference broadcast nationwide on C-SPAN, key conspiracy leader Alex Jones announced that the American government has already collapsed and a shadow government is now running our country. This radio talk-show host next announced – on tape – that Osama bin Laden is now a paid agent of the CIA.
Professor Steven Jones of Brigham-Young University accused George Bush of being a dictator, mimicking the preamble of the Declaration of Independence. When asked if violent revolution was necessary, this scientist declared – in front of national TV cameras – that there is no peaceful way to achieve the group's goals. In the context of the question, professor Jones was calling for the violent overthrow of the government.

Those publishing this essay should check my actual comments on the C-SPAN broadcast and compare them with Mr. Moseley's statements above that he attributes to me. I made no such statement that "there is no peaceful way to achieve the group's goals," nor did I accuse George Bush of being a dictator, nor did I mimick in any way the preamble of the Declaration of Independence.

I do not in any way, shape or form advocate "violent revolution" nor a "violent overthrow of the government." These statements in WND are untrue, totally unfounded and probably libelous. I love our country, and I love our Constitution. I advocate only constitutional means for seeking redress of grievances.

I most strongly protest these untrue statements by Jon Moseley you have published. Anyone can listen to C-SPAN and determine that I did not make the alleged comments and that he has falsified the facts of the matter. How would you like to have these false and inflammatory statements attributed to you? Journalistic responsibility and integrity now require that you correct the egregious errors on WND.

I ask that you remove or annotate these false statements attributed to me immediately, with a public apology. My research on 9/11 is scholarly research regarding the molten metal pools observed at Ground Zero and our testing of solidified metal samples. The reader can read what I actually do say here.

You may publish this response and I ask you to do so, immediately. I seek the truth and a return to our glorious constitutional principles, which are our heritage in the United States of America. I am an American who seeks and loves the truth and my country. I seek to find out what really happened on 9/11.

Professor Steven Jones


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