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Cheney: 'No guarantee we won't be hit again'

Raw Story | August 18 2006

In appearances on behalf of candidates for the US Senate and House in Montana yesterday, Vice President Dick Cheney slammed Democrats, defended the war on terror, and touted the nation's "strong and growing" economy. He campaigned for Sen. Conrad Burns, whom he called a "patriot," and for State Rep. Bill Sali, the GOP candidate for the state’s 1st congressional district.

At the Sali fundraiser, more protesters attended than supporters of the candidate. His staffers attributed the poor attendance at the Vice President’s appearance to “scheduling conflicts.”

Excerpts from the Associated Press report of Cheny's speech follow...

Vice President Dick Cheney blasted Democrats for not supporting the war in Iraq, and said Montanans need to re-elect Republican Sen. Conrad Burns to make sure the administration can carry out its wartime plans.

The vice president, speaking at a fundraiser for Burns on Wednesday, said the administration is sticking by its plan to stay in Iraq as long as it takes to make sure the country is stable. He said it would be wrong to set deadlines for withdrawing troops.


Burns supporters could pay $2,100 to attend a reception before the lunch and get a photo with the vice president. A $5,000 donation allowed a photo with Cheney and some fly fishing with Burns.

‘‘Here in the U.S. we have not had another 9-11,’’ the vice president said. ‘‘No one can guarantee we will not be hit again. But the relative safety in recent years is not an accident.’’


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