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Forced Relocation Thugs Beat Farmer to Death

Ding Xiao / Radio Free Asia | August 17 2006

CHINA – He Guosheng, a farmer living in Chengjiang town, Jiangyin city, was beaten to death by the forced demolition and relocation thugs on Sunday August 13th. This murder happened only two weeks after China's People Magazine reported similar incidents in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province.

He Guosheng's family lives in a household designated for relocation in Yaosai village, Chengjiang town, Jiangyin city. On the night of his murder, He quarreled with the hired forced demolition thugs who sneaked into the top floor of his house. He was then besieged by the thugs and beaten to death. He's wife, Li Aiming, agreed to this interview the next day.

Li Aiming stated, "About 11:00 p.m. that night, we heard footsteps on the third floor; my husband went to take a look. The next door was my older brother's house, and he had already handed over the keys to the relocation people. My husband said, 'We have not signed (the agreement to relocate) our side of the house, so why have you come in here?' After an exchange of words, the workers called for reinforcement. They all wore relocation people's green safety hats and held police batons; some even held knives and iron rods. They smashed my front door, and smashed the glass to open the locked doors."

"There were approximately 20 people attacking my house. My husband told me not to turn on the lights, and then he went downstairs in the dark. Later on, I heard the noise of iron rods hammering the doors; every door was smashed. My daughter and I held tightly to each other shivering and being scared to death. I thought my husband had run away, but he did not."

"Later, I heard my mother-in-law shouting downstairs, 'Aiming, hurry, He has been beaten badly, he is dying, hurry downstairs here!' By the time I reached downstairs, my husband was already being carried away by the ambulance. I did not know whether my husband was still alive when he got to the hospital, I figured probably not. They pretended to give him oxygen therapy, and asked me to see him, but I did not dare to.. ( I could not bear to see my husband like this). The medical examiner asked my brother to watch him perform the autopsy on August 14. My brother told me that the chest was slightly wounded, the head wounds were particularly severe and made the head out of shape, and it was just too tragic."

"After witnessing the incidence, He Guosheng's mother, being too traumatized, remained in the hospital," said He's wife. Li Aiming told Radio Free Asia, "My mother-in-law helped to wipe off the bloodstains on my husband's face. For this, my mother-in-law, who is over 70-years old, lost control over her bodily functions, and still remains in the hospital recovering."

After an investigation by Radio Free Asia, it was determined that the crime scene in He's house has now been sealed off by Jiangyin Police for further investigation, as they claimed at the time. However, when Radio Free Asia called Jiangyin city police Criminal Investigation Brigade asking about He's death, police staff members replied that they have never heard of the case.

Li Aiming said that the village authority hired rural workers from other places to work on the forced demolition project. The person who won the contract of forced demolishing and relocation was the village Party Secretary Hua Yaoqing's brother. But Li Aiming did not understand how the forced demolishing people could have police batons.


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