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Scarborough: “Is Bush An ‘Idiot’?”

Crooks And Liars | August 16 2006

Joe Scarborough started his program tonight asking the question "is Bush an idiot?" (Is that really debatable?). Not only did he do a great run down of clips involving some of the most famous "Bushisms", but he did have an interesting conversation about this question with Lawrence O’Donnell and John Fund.


Lawrence O’Donnell made an interesting statement that Bush is an easy target and probably "the easiest ever at this point". Fund worked his hardest to defend Bush and even resorted to saying it was the left who made these claims because "they can not argue with his policies".

Scarborough probably had the most interesting observation when he brought up talked about old clips of when Bush was Governor of Texas and did not make anywhere near the number of mistakes that he does now and said it "seems like he is losing confidence by the day".

This segment is a definite keeper. That way when we see "how history judges" Bush, we have video evidence for the jury.



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