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Communist America: Perpetual War

Alan Stang | August 16 2006

We are reliving the spring of 1940, during the period historians call the “Phony War.” War had been declared the previous September 1st, of course, when Hitler and his ally Stalin invaded and divided Poland between them. Months had now passed but there was no fighting after the conquest of Poland. Was there a war or wasn’t there? Of course the Conspiracy for World Government, which had launched the whole thing, was maneuvering to put all the pawns into place.

Something similar happened in 1914, after Gavrilo Princip assassinated Austrian Grand Duke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, which the Powers-That-Were-Then used as the excuse to maneuver themselves into abdication and destruction. The German, Austro-Hungarian and Russian Empires disappeared.

And now here we are again. I pray I am wrong when I speculate that the District of Criminals is presently preparing another insane, suicidal military adventure, which could take us all the way into the totalitarian socialist world dictatorship they would run, that has been their goal from the very beginning.

Clue #1: Laura, Limbaugh, Levin and other Republicrud Judas goats are screaming for war. Republicrud neo-con(man) Mike Weiner is screaming for war. I hear the Andrews Sisters singing “Bei Mir Bist du Schoen,” But now in mind’s ear they are singing “Bei Mir Bist du Sean,” because Shallow Sean also wants war.

Clue #2: Like war criminal, traitor, mass murderer, serial killer, swindler and unindicted felon Franklin Roosevelt, running for a third term, El presidente Jorge W. Boosh needs a boost to prevent the loss of Congress to the Democruds in November; he needs a 2006 version of Bronx boss Ed Flynn’s “Voice from the Sewer,” that nominated the Crippled Caligula at the Democrud convention of 1940. What could do the trick better than another invasion? Remember, “It is unwise to change horses in midstream.”

Clue #3: Boosh has put all the machinery for dictatorship in place with the (un)Patriot Acts. It has been tested in New Orleans. Four star General Tommy Franks says the next Nine Eleven will propel us all the way into martial law and repeal of the Constitution. The stench of dictatorship is in the very air, in the American zeitgeist, nicht wahr, Adolf? Boosh is lusting to come out of the closet.

Clue #4: The numbers tell us that spending under Sr. Boosh, our first Latino President, makes spending under Billy Jeff Clinton, our first black President, look like nickels and dimes, makes Clinton look like Calvin Coolidge. The dollar is gone. There is no way the intergalactic debt can be paid. The only reason the dollar still stands is that few people know that or admit it. Would men as smart as Boosh & Co. spend like this toward utter, irrevocable collapse, if they didn’t have some plan to replace what we have when they take it down, some new system?

When I tell people we should not have intervened in World War I, in World War II, in Korea, in Vietnam, in Afghanistan and the Middle East – when I tell them we should mind our own business as George Washington advised in the Farewell Address – they tell me in a huff such a policy is out of date. “It would be dangerous, impossible. We have too many responsibilities around the world.” They have swallowed, hook, line and stinker, the caricature of George Washington’s advice the internationalists created to discredit it.

That caricature is called “isolationism.” In the caricature, we ostriches keep our heads in the ground and our behinds in the air; we completely ignore the rest of the world. Perverting the diplomatic term, “recognition,” which simply means conducting diplomatic relations with certain nations, they claim that by refusing “recognition” to other nations we even pretend they don’t exist. We thereby leave ourselves vulnerable to a deadly kick in the pants. Of course, those of us who champion our unalienable right to mind own business say no such things.

We advocate as much interchange between private and business people as possible, not via thousands of pages of agreements and regulations, but directly; we advocate as little interchange as possible between governments. We do not advocate “pretending other countries do not exist.” On the contrary, we want wall-to-wall intelligence about what other countries are doing.

We advocate being armed to the eyebrows. Our attitude toward other countries should be one of general good will without favor and the advice at no charge that if they want what we have they need only emulate us to get it, that we have what we have because of what we believe. We advocate letting other countries understand that we intend scrupulously to mind our own business and expect them to mind theirs, but that if one of them stupidly tries to harm us, we shall turn that country into a smoking hole in the ground big enough to give the earth an enema.

Yes, that means no foreign aid, no billions for Israel, but also no billions for Egypt and the other Islamic nations, not because we are hostile to them, but because we are for ourselves. For the same reason, whenever I luckily come into some money, I don’t give it to your wife; I give it to mine. I’m not against your gorgeous, charming, consummately feminine wife; I am for mine. I leave your wife’s welfare in your capable hands.

This would be George Washington’s foreign policy today. But critics have a ready answer. We intervened far too late in World War II, they say. Hitler almost conquered the world. As I write, I can almost hear Mike Weiner savagely screaming in my ear that we should have intervened many years before we did. “We must attack Iran and Syria now! If we don’t, the Ayatollah Cockamamie will conquer the world for Mohammed.”

The reason Republicrud talk bags get by with such junk is that they actively conceal the last century’s history and that because of government schools their listeners don’t know it. They create the spurious impression that the first time we intervened was when we landed in France in 1917: “Lafayette, nous somme ici,” that the first time we intervened was when the Japanese hit Pearl, “Tora, tora, tora,” etc.

The fact is that we had been intervening all along. The fact is that most of the horrors of the Twentieth Century were the direct result of our intervention; we caused them. The fact is that had we not intervened, few of those horrors would have happened. The fact is that “isolationism” would have prevented them; they didn’t happen by themselves.

Fact #1: While Woodrow Wilson campaigned for re-election in 1916 with the slogan, “He Kept Us Out of War,” he was conspiring with our traditional enemy, the English, to trick us into World War I. He arranged the sinking of the Lusitania with Winston Churchill for the purpose. See The Lusitania, by Colin Simpson, who is English.

Fact #2: Washington helped install the Soviets in power and then kept them in power over the years, whenever they were about to collapse. For instance, during World War I, the Canadians interned a ship load of Communists, including Trotsky, on their way back to Russia to seize power. Washington forced Ottawa to let them go.

In the early 1920s, Herbert Hoover helped save Lenin with the American Relief Administration. And Roosevelt did it again with Lend-Lease. See The Actor, by me. Without continuous intervention by Washington to save it, Communism would today be a mere footnote in some histories; few people would remember it.

Fact #3: Hitler could not have done what he did without “our” intervention. See Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, by Antony Sutton. The title is self-explanatory. The District of Criminals wanted Hitler in power. The family of Jorge W. Boosh did its part. Remember that his grandfather, Prescott, collaborated with Hitler until the Justice Department closed down his bank.

Fact #4: Both Stalin and Hitler were mass murderers; both had invaded Poland to start the war. Both were totalitarian dictators. As an international socialist, Stalin was more wedded to the idea of world conquest than was national socialist Adolf. It would have made just as much moral sense to enter the war on the side of Hitler as it did to enter on the side of Stalin: no sense. Had we not intervened, Hitler and Stalin would have exhausted each other after Hitler stupidly attacked his ally.

Fact #5: Roosevelt constantly goaded Japan to attack us, knew when and where it would attack, kept that intelligence secret from our Pearl Harbor commanders, and then arranged for our losses to be as bad as possible. It was a day of infamy because he killed 3,000 men. See Day of Deceit by Robert Stinnett, who is a Roosevelt admirer. So bad is the stench by now that even his admirers admit the basic facts; now they argue he had to do it for our own good, because you and I were too stupid to do it for ourselves.

Continued Next Week


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