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Terrorism charges collapse like house of cards

The Fair and Balanced News | August 15 2006

I had to take the opportunity today to email that other website that calls itself "fair and balanced". You know the one. Today, they have a story with the headline "FBI: No Indication of Terror Ties for Men in Cell-Phone Arrest". On the same page, just to the right of the article is a link titled "3 Men Arraigned in Michigan on Terror Charges" that links to a story dated Saturday. Morons. You can't have it both ways, FOX.

In a separate case, Ohio prosecutors admitted they do not have enough evidence to charge two men who were in possession of of 12 cell phones with any terrorism related charges. No shit. In both cases, the alleged terrorist's story is that they purchased the phones in bulk with the intent of resale at a profit. You know, free enterprise. Capitalism. The American way. Doesn't get any more patriotic than that. William Kowalski, assistant special agent in charge of the FBI's Detroit field office, said there is nothing unlawful about buying cell phones in quantity, but that profits from that kind of activity can be suspicious. Who knows what they may have done with the profit? Pay some bills? If I had known there was money to be made by doing what they did, I would have been all over it. I don't think I'm the only one that could use a little extra money these day, what with the price of gas and the general condition of the economy that the government has run into the ground.

According to the Caro, Michigan Chief of Police, the brand of cell phones in the men's possession (TracFones) are untraceable and that any cell phone can be used as detonators for explosives. I expect now that anyone who buys a TracFone is a terrorist suspect. Initially the authorities thought that Michigan's Mackinac Bridge was the intended target because the men had pictures of the bridge on a digital camera in their possesion. If that's the case, I guess I'm guilty of planning to blow up the Washington coast and some deer that were in my yard yesterday.

If you believe that there are terrorists plotting at this moment to do real harm to America, remember that the FBI is wasting their time investigating two men from Ohio and three from Michigan who were probably just looking to make a buck instead of tracking down real enemies.


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