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51 Chinese Christians Renounce the Communist Party

Feng Changle / Epoch Times | August 14 2006

On July 29 the Chinese Communist regime violently destroyed several family churches in Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou. For the past few days many Christian followers in Mainland China and overseas have been going on hunger strikes and saying prayers daily in aid of those in Xiaoshan who are resisting and protesting against the suppression of freedom of belief by the Chinese Communist regime.

In part due to these incidents, 51 people have solemnly renounced the Chinese Communist Party through The Epoch Times Tuidang (Quit the CCP) website.

These 51 people come from Beijing as well as family church members in different districts and their family members, sons and daughters, friends and associates. They entrusted fellow Christians from Beijing to publish their renunciation on The Epoch Times website. Amongst them, one quarter were members of the Chinese Communist Party.

This Christian [entrusted to publish the renunciation] told the reporter that for a long time, she had a strong abhorrence towards the persecution of religious adherents in Mainland China by the Chinese Communist regime. Especially since the Communist regime took power, the persecution of family church followers has never stopped.

In recent years, as the Chinese Communist regime loses favor with its people due to its brutal policies of suppression and control, many Chinese people indoctrinated with the Communist ideology from youth have abandoned their belief in the Party. More and more are turning to the Christian faith. Family churches have sprung up one by one in various districts in China and appeared in public.

These Party cadres' choice of another faith is considered a challenge and betrayal of the Communist ideology! Why do people have to believe in Communism just because they live in a Communist regime? The tyranny of the Chinese Communist regime has not changed at all in more than 50 years of rule.

This Christian woman said: "Not only are we [Christian believers] suppressed by members of the China Christian Trinity Patriotic Movement Committee, now the government has publicly sent armed troops, policemen and has used the state apparatus to destroy our "holy shrine." They used state violence to deal with these kind-hearted Christian worshippers, arresting and detaining many people. The government even wants to convict us. Indeed, the Chinese Communist Party is a "legal" bandit and ruffian."

She said: "The final judgment is coming. The Epoch Times even said "to remove the mark of the beast," that is to ask everybody to disassociate with the evil Chinese Communist Party. Get rid of the dirty mark on our bodies and wash away the shame.

In the past, many people have "followed the trend" for the sake of survival and to avoid persecution by the Chinese Communist Party. They joined the organization of the Communist Party against their true wishes."

When she told fellow church members the final consequence of having this dirty mark [of the Chinese Communist Party], everyone understood and believed that the day heaven eliminates the CCP will definitely come. Hence her brothers and sisters in the church brought up their decision to quit the CCP and all its affiliated associations. They wanted to use their actions to hasten the disintegration of the CCP.

Her church friends said: "Only when there is no CCP can Chinese Christians be free."


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