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I guess USA's priority is to back Israel bombing little girls; ignore Congo rapes

Mary MacElveen / VHeadline.com | August 6 2006

In an email that I just received, another reader responds, "But Mary, what about the future that these little children have? What if they are to fall completely under the control of your and Chavez' friends in the Middle East? Especially, what about the little girls?"

All I will say to this is: we invaded Iraq, seized their oil, turned a secular government into a theocratic one, thereby endangering the lives of these little girls. Saddam was a bad man ... I will give my reader that ... but what we have done is far worse than Saddam ever did to his countrymen and, yes, little girls.

From the start of the first Gulf War to present day, we have been responsible for the deaths of over one million innocent Iraqis through war and sanctions. Come to think of it, who put Saddam in power? The Reagan and Bush Sr. administrations.

In a previous VHeadline.com article, I directed my readers to Jihadists Seize Key Town in Iraq: Al Qaeda in Iraq's Black Banner Flying From Rooftops written on September 5, 2005. There you can find one of the most shocking passages anyone could read "Zarqawi's fighters were killing officials and civilians seen as government-allied or anti-Islamic, witnesses, residents and others said. On Sunday, the bullet-riddled body of a woman lay in a street of Qaim. A sign left on her corpse declared: A prostitute who was punished."

Before we (USA) invaded Iraq, Al Qaeda was not operating within that country ... but due to our greed, they crossed the border into Iraq and seized the town of Qaim.

There have also been some rape cases of Iraqi girls at the hands of our servicemen. While I will not pass judgment yet, since a person in this country is innocent until proven guilty, should the adjudication of that case finds them guilty: What about those girls?

Another blow back affect from our interference in the Middle East can be found reading Heroin trade thrives on back of chaos and terror in Iraq which was published on April 9, 2005. In this article, it cites "Fears that lawless post-war Iraq is becoming a haven for international drug trafficking have escalated after the country's biggest ever seizure of heroin." It then goes onto state, "The Afghan-produced heroin comes in via Iraq's porous border with Iran, creating what United Nations officials say is an important new drug route to Europe and Britain."

But do you wish to know the biggest rub, well here it is: "During Saddam Hussein's rule, heroin was virtually unknown in Iraq because of his police-state law enforcement, which imposed the death penalty even for possession."

We have Bush and Blair to thank for any increase in the heroine trade from the Middle East. What is that saying by Forrest Gump? "Stupid is as stupid does!" Not only did we feed our addiction to oil, we fed a drug habit ... how many little girls in Europe and the United States will grow up to become heroine users?

Okay, my reader wanted me to respond to other human rights violations being found in the Middle East governed or ruled by Muslims. In Saudi Arabia Human Rights Concerns published by Amnesty International: "There are still scores of political prisoners and possible prisoners of conscience. Saudi Arabia continues to use flogging and amputations as punishments. Executions, beheadings with a sword, occur regularly and are disproportionately carried out against foreign nationals. Foreign workers are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, particularly female domestic workers, who have virtually no protection at all."

My reader asks me how I can support human rights violations ... and to that I add, I do not. In fact I abhor it. But, let us be real about this. Do you see George W. Bush going into Saudi Arabia with guns blazing to take the Crown Prince to task concerning these human rights issues?

No, instead the Crown Prince has consistently visited Bush at his ranch in Crawford, Texas.

Had Bush been honest stating that we could not turn our backs on horrors such as this and we will use our military to end the plight of these suffering people, I would have been the first to cheer him on. These people in Saudi Arabia still wait for justice and so far it has been justice denied.

The reader mentioned above "what about the girls" and I will respond to that as well.

Right now, young girls in the Congo are being raped, and sexually sodomized. Jan Goodwin of The Nation Magazine wrote a piece concerning this very issue called "Silence=Rape" in which she called people's attention to their plight. I wrote my own piece called, "The Congo: A Hidden Terror That Is Not Our Top Priority" That piece can be found on my personal web log where I cited Jan Goodwin: “30% of rape victims are sexually tortured and mutilated during the assaults, usually with spears, machetes, sticks or gun barrels thrust into their vaginas. Increasingly, the trigger is being pulled.”

Sickening isn't it?

Jan Goodwin referred to Van Woudenberg, the Congo specialist for Human Rights Watch who tried to bring ir to the attention of the US government: “In November, I tried to raise the issue with the US Mission to the UN in New York, and they told me fairly point-blank that they were aware rape was going on in the Congo, and it was just not high on their priorities … I had a similar response from the US State Department."

I guess our priority is to back Israel in bombing little girls and turning our backs on little girls in the Congo and Saudi Arabia. Why are we not launching a military strike on the Congo to end the suffering of these young girls? They have nothing to offer us and that is oil.

Now I want to call our readers attention to the United States' sheer stupidity as a nation.

I once wrote a piece for VHeadline.com called, Blow Back, in which I chronicled how the interference by our government over the years has had many devastating blow back affects. "The CIA was directly involved in our invasion of Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia."

Readers may think that I support the Muslim world blindly but I do not since I speak out against our force and Israel's force against innocent human beings. But, I want to remind you that heinous acts have also been committed by the United States of America either our own inaction in failing to intervene in human rights issues, or when we engage in wars that are based on lies.

But, perhaps the most heinous act of our (USA) government is when it chooses to topple perceived unfriendly governments to install rulers that rule with an iron fist.

As I reported in that article, the mother of all blow backs is when we trained the Mujahedeen during Afghan war in which the Soviets had invaded that country. We taught them how to make explosives and, once they were done with the Soviets, they came after us. When we left that country, it gave rise to the Taliban who are still one of the biggest supporters of Osama bin Laden.

As it stands, on Fox News today, there were numerous rallies in countries such as Pakistan, Turkey and India chanting "Death to America." My greatest fear is that through the arrogance of the West, we will soon face Armageddon.

Then again, you have stupid evangelicals in this (USA) country calling for the second coming through their support for Israel ... all I will say is be careful of what you wish for.

If folks thought that Al Qaeda was scary, they should really take a look at the American-based evangelical movement. In one such church they sanction the marriage between an older man and a teenage girl ... it is so "nice to know" that they support statutory rape.

Yes, there is culpability on both sides ... but I cannot stand back and watch Israel launch an assault upon innocent Lebanese.

When Americans scream out against terrorists, it is best to remind my fellow Americans that many of these groups we helped create.

Past American tax money was spent creating them and present American tax money is spent fighting them.

It truly is a vicious circle...


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