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Panic in Detroit

Kurt Nimmo | August 5 2006

In Dearborn, Michigan, Arab demonstrators are holding up portraits of Sheik Hassan Nasralla, “chanting his name and Hezbollah,” according to the Detroit Free Press. “We find any support for murderous terrorist organizations like al-Qaida or Hezbollah very disappointing, if not disturbing,” Eric Straus, chief of the counterterrorism unit at the U.S. attorney’s office in Detroit, told the newspaper. “Our office’s No. 1 priority is preventing another terrorist attack,” reports the Associated Press.

Of course, Hezbollah is not “al-Qaeda,” the infamous CIA-ISI made-to-measure terror group. Hezbollah is a legitimate resistance group, completely legal under international law, minus its stupid rocketing of Israeli settlements. But then we shouldn’t expect the U.S. attorney’s office to admit this. It should come as no surprise Nasralla and Hezbollah would find support in Detroit’s Arab community, or for that matter among Arabs and Muslims anywhere.

Osama Siblani, publisher of The Arab American News of Dearborn and spokesman for the Council of Arab American Organizations, basically told Straus and the feds to take a hike. “Who should they chant for? George Bush, the one who’s sending Israel bombs to kill their relatives, to kill more people?” Siblani said. “If they want to prosecute us, prosecute us. Let them get their buses, line them up and haul us out.” As Siblani probably knows, there are not enough buses in Detroit or for that matter the whole of Michigan to bus all the Arabs and Muslims to those brand spanking new Halliburton constructed concentration camps.

There are roughly 300,000 southeastern Michigan residents with roots in the Arab world, many of them with relatives in Lebanon. Straus and the feds will have their hands full if they believe they can stop the rising tide of anger and resentment on the part of Arabs, who witness daily the slaughter of the brothers and sisters in Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq.

It would seem the FBI is aching for a chance to take off the gloves and crack down on Hezbollah supporters, or rather those who see reality clearly: Hezbollah is a legitimate resistance movement and Israel is a criminal state guilty of aggression, as usual. “Because of the heightened difficulties surrounding U.S.-Iranian relations, the FBI has increased its focus on Hizbollah,” FBI spokesman Paul Bresson told Reuters. “Those investigations relate particularly to the potential presence of Hizbollah members on U.S. soil.” Bresson admitted there “is no specific or credible intelligence pointing to an imminent U.S. attack by Hizbollah,” but this never stopped them in the past. In a pinch, the FBI can be counted to send in the agents provocateur.

Last week, the FBI sent out a “general warning” of possible “reprisal attacks from Hezbollah on Jewish and Israeli targets,” no doubt without “credible intelligence,” as evidenced by the admission “both the FBI and Jewish organization officials familiar with the warning stress that no specific threats against American Jewish targets have been detected,” according to the New York Sun.

“Analysts and government sources familiar with the threat assessment from Hezbollah say they fear the use of terrorism as a possible counter-attack if the group’s main militia in southern Lebanon feels it would soon be defeated on the battlefield,” the newspaper continues. “It would not be the first time that Hezbollah used a terrorist attack abroad in response to a military setback on its home turf.”

“If I was an owner of a security services firm for an Israeli friendship society, or in charge of security at an Israeli embassy or Israeli business I would be very tense right now. Frankly, any high visibility internationally known Jewish business is potentially a target,” added former chief of the FBI counterterrorism division in charge of Iran and Hezbollah, Kenneth Piernick.

“It is not a secret we are dealing with true believers who have been recruited or placed around the world. Certainly one is not naïve enough to think they would not be in the United States. Every time that the situation heats up in the ground or in the air in the Middle East, the alerts and antenna go up,” said Abraham Foxman, chairman of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith.

Of course, the “true believers” of Zionism are widely “recruited or placed around the world,” including deep in the U.S. government, but when “the situation heats up in the ground or in the air in the Middle East,” usually preceded by a few U.S. manufactured and provided missiles fired at Arab civilians by Israel’s IOF, the “alerts and antenna go up” and the victims are blamed. It is a well oiled corporate media process and works nicely, thank you very much.

Arabs, be they in Dearborn or Beirut, understand how the Zionist state, with heaping doses of material support and encouragement from its “friend,” the United States, plays its deadly game. In Detroit, it is understood no number of buses will intimidate into silence those outraged by the Israeli death machine killing off their relatives and former neighbors.

Meanwhile, polls indicate 67 percent of American “voters,” when asked “if Israel was justified or unjustified in its actions in Lebanon,” believe Israel is doing the right thing, never mind the children of Qana or those dismembered and strewn elsewhere in Lebanon. “Despite a series of dramatic events over the past week—the bombing of a civilian apartment building in Qana, a brief ceasefire and an escalation of the ground war by the Israelis—the American public remains strong and stable in its views of the conflict,” pollster Stan Greenberg told News Blaze. “Voters believe Israel is justified in its actions in Lebanon and believe the Israeli military is targeting strategically and not indiscriminately.” Indeed, as should be obvious, killing babies and grandmothers is strategic for the Israelis.

Meanwhile, in Detroit’s Arab community, the “reality on the ground” is understood all too well.

It will take a lot of buses, commandeered from Ohio and Indiana, to round up the malcontents.


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