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Desperation among Chinese Communist Spies
Interview with attorney Gao Zhisheng

Zhao Zifa / Epoch Times | August 4 2006

Attorney Gao has been beaten on two occasions by the Chinese communist regime's special agents in July 2006, during the 8th month of the regime's continuous surveillance. The beatings occurred under Gao's apartment building. Gao said, on July 30, he was beaten by plainclothes agents in a life threatening manner at least three times. Attorney Gao believes the escalated violence during the attacks show the increasing desperation among the special agents in trying to break him down.

Gao told our journalist, that although the spies outside of his apartment keep changing, "the most unscrupulous ones were all still here." In recent months, Gao has tried to avoid going out as much as he can, in order to avoid conflicts with spies outside of his apartment but also he is keeping quite busy to meet visitors, read books, and write articles.

Some Respect Him, Some Want to Isolate Him

At a rights group meeting attended by over a hundred rights activists and legal people, someone publicly stated that the case of famous blind rights advocator Chen Gaangcheng and Gao's case should be excluded from their topic.

While contacting people inside and outside of the Chinese communist system, our journalist discovered a strange phenomenon - some famous Chinese "rights defenders" were laughing at attorney Gao and they stated "nobody in mainland bothered to talk to him". Yet many people inside the communist bureaucratic system expressed their respect for attorney Gao and many important officials told our journalist they were paying close attention to Gao's situation. Some people from the regime's corruption control organisation, Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, even directed people to look for attorney Gao to help solve his problems.

Belief in God - Gao's Only Defense

After 7 months of harassment, Gao is healthy and active. He still writes and publishes a lot of articles. He even went to Yinan county, Shandong province, to support Chen Guangcheng's case. He is healthy physically and psychologically.

However, recently Gao and his wife showed symptoms of catching a heavy cold from July 24 to 29. Gao said, "I don't know what's wrong. My body is as weak as a noodle. I still feel sleepy after sleeping more than 10 hours."

On July 24, Gao told the Epoch Times "An anonymous caller who frequently calls us warned my wife, 'Someone put a device around your home, if the thing is there long, it will make your whole family feel sick, like catching heavy colds. You'll feel no strength.'"

"I don't want to believe such things. But if people like Luo Gan (the head of the CCP's spy system) wants do such things, I can't do anything."

Gao said that he now has a strong faith and believes in God. He has totally given himself to God. He believes that God will take care of everything. So he is "full of courage in his heart."

On July 31, the day after Gao was beaten by the special agents, he received many calls from both mainland and overseas to encourage him and see if he was alright. On August 1, many people visited him at his home, including 11 famous Beijing attorneys, two university professors, his friends, and some appellants.

One attorney told Gao why they wanted to risk visiting him, "We were overcautious in the past. If you can write articles at home, you write. However, it is beyond endurance that they beat you. As one of our friends, we can't endure that you are beaten, so we come over to see you."

Gao commented on his conflict with the communist spies," It's a systematic mission for the spies to try and destroy my family and our life; however, they find that they have not made any progress in the past eight months. There is no doubt, beating me shows their desperation."

At the end of the interview, attorney Gao said, "I will take this as the trial God gives us. We have to endure sufferings to wake up more people."


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