Last Updated: Saturday, February 24, 2018 12:31 GMT
Parkland survivor’s father: CNN wanted families ‘willing to espouse a certain narrative’
CNN wanted to ‘take a tragedy and turn it into a policy debate.’

CNN releases emails to push back on claim about ‘scripted’ town hall question
“Shocked And Outraged”: Four Broward Deputies Waited Outside School As Children Were Massacred
‘Get ISIS and go home’: Trump bucks Pentagon & State Dept. on ultimate US goal in Syria
Mueller probe: Manafort hit with new charges after Gates pleads guilty
No Jail Time for ‘Frustrated’ Asylum Seeker Who Swore to Carry Out Terror Attack Against ‘White People’

CNN is Directly Lobbying YouTube to Shut Down Infowars
News network flags Infowars videos about Parkland shooting in bid to get channel terminated.

CNN Calls Florida School Shooting Survivor & Hero a Liar
Says Colton Haab was not given scripted question.

Video: CNN's Van Jones Says Armed Teachers Are More Likely To Use Guns Against Black And Latino Kids
MSNBC Is Sick of the ‘So-Called Right’ to Bear Arms
“Deeply Misguided” New York Times Writer Calls For Financial Firms To Block Gun Sales
Indiana’s ‘red flag’ gun law is getting national attention. But does it work?
NRA’s LaPierre warns conservatives of ‘socialist state’
Father Of Parkland Survivor Accuses CNN Of Pushing Gun Control Narrative
“He Never Went In”: Officer On Duty Filmed “Doing Nothing” During Florida Shooting
CNN Analyst, NYT Columnist: Repeal Second Amendment
Broward County Sheriff’s Office Did Not “Miss Warning Signs” or Make “Mistakes”
SHOCK: CNN expresses pity for Florida school mass murder

Trump Says Deported Gang Members Coming Back Into U.S. ‘Like Water’: ‘We Need The Wall!’
President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Friday morning to call for his long-promised border wall, explaining that it is needed to thwart deported MS-13 gang members from returning to the United States.

The Media Lied To You Again This Week: Obama Was No Tough Guy, And Putin Knew It
CPAC Crowd Wild Over Vice President’s Unequivocal Declaration, ’We’re Gonna Build That Wall’
Pelosi Admits: ‘Yes, People Are Getting a Little More in Their Paychecks’
Illinois governor drinks chocolate milk to demonstrate his commitment to diversity

New York’s Waldorf Astoria is now controlled by the Chinese government
One of the symbols of New York luxury is now in the hands of Beijing.

Chinese paper says U.S. should learn from China, restrict guns, protect rights
The NY Times Wants Banks and Credit Card Companies to Deny Customers Weapons Sales

Black Mirror in Action: Swedish Scientists to Revive the Dead in Robots with AI
A number of Swedish scientists are researching how to produce digital copies of those who have already passed away.

Germany could need up to 16,000 planes to deport its rejected asylum seekers
Author Triggered by Norwegian Flag

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