Last Updated: Thursday, October 19, 2017 15:08 BST
Corey Feldman Hints At Naming Hollywood Pedophiles
Weinstein fall out could prompt actor to drop new bombshell.

Trump: "Fake Media Doesn't Want To Follow" Uranium/Clintons Story
POTUS also suggests Dems and FBI concocted 'fake dossier' on him.

FBI Informant “Threatened” After Offering Details Linking Clinton Foundation To Russian Bribery Case
Congress Probes Whether Obama DOJ Used The ‘Trump Dossier’ Before Surveillance Court
Trump Tweets ‘Forced’ FCC Chairman to Defend First Amendment?

ISIS fanatics ‘plotting new 9/11’
Homeland Security chief says jihadists are working on a ‘big explosion’ and want to bring down planes to inflict mass civilian casualties.

Pelosi Trying To Take Away President Trump’s Authority To Use Nuclear Weapons
Migrants Now Chartering Luxury Yachts To Sneak Into Europe
‘Attack Against Our Democracy’: Bombing of Swedish Police Station ‘May be Terror’
Drone Footage Reveals A First Look Of Trump’s Border Wall Prototypes

Democrats, Fake News Media Exploit Sgt. La David Johnson’s Death to Smear Trump
It is an entirely bizarre premise.

Trump punts his top priorities to Congress, setting the stage for a year-end showdown
Drudge, Facebook, NYT readers could face libel suits for sharing ‘fake news’
Father Of Soldier Slain In Niger Says Pres. Trump Was ‘Real Cordial’ In Condolence Call
COMPASSION? CNN Reporter Mocks Trump for Helping Polio Survivor

‘It Was Clearly Managed’: Tucker Questions Ellen-Campos Interview, Talks Las Vegas Conspiracies
After playing a clip of Ellen’s bizarre interview, Tucker said, “Is that really an interview?”

Despite Vegas and Media Narrative, Mass Killings Aren’t on the Rise

N Korea Vows to Hit US With ‘Unimaginable’ Strike if US-S Korean Drills Continue
Pyongyang could stage an unprecedented strike on the US at an unexpected time, the North Korean state run news agency KCNA warned on Thursday.

Catalonia crisis: Spain moves to suspend autonomy
 Spain is to start suspending Catalonia’s autonomy from Saturday, as the region’s leader threatens to declare independence.

Catalonia leader threatens to declare independence if Spanish govt suspends autonomy

Camille Paglia Says that Women’s and Gender Studies Departments Should be Defunded
Esteemed feminist author and scholar Camille Paglia argued that Women’s and Gender Studies Departments should be defunded in a recent conversation with Professor Jordan Peterson.

Transgender Man Accused Of Raping 10-Yr-Old Girl In Bathroom
Dorm display warns against ‘cultural appropriation’ on Halloween

A Look Inside The Secret Swiss Bunker Where The Ultra Rich Hide Their Bitcoins
Somewhere in the mountains near Switzerland’s Lake Lucerne lies a hidden underground vault containing a vast fortune.

Could the 1987 stock market crash happen again?
Staggering Chart Shows Your Personal Share Of Your State’s Underfunded Pension

When you die you KNOW you’re dead
Scientists discover the mind still works after the body shows no sign of life and reveal people have heard their own death announced by medics.

Mysterious ‘Planet 9’: Is this the smoking gun?
The furore surrounding the solar system’s theoretical ‘Planet 9’ reached new heights after a University of Michigan researcher discovered evidence that may shed light on the existence of the elusive world beyond Neptune.

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