Last Updated: Friday, October 28, 2016 16:54 BST
Maryland Trump Supporter: They Switched My Vote to Hillary
Yet another report of vote flipping.

Wikileaks Email: Hillary Campaign Struggles to Reach “F**king Dumb” Young People
A Vote For Hillary is a Vote For World War 3
AI system that correctly predicted last 3 US elections says Donald Trump will win
Donald Trump says US ‘should just cancel the election’ and call it in his favour as Hillary Clinton leads polls
Anatomy of a Liberal: Esquire Mag Shames Celebrities Who Haven’t Joined Anti-Trump Hate Mob
Clinton Struggles To Contain WikiLeaks Damage As Voters Grow Weary Of The Constant Scandals
Statistical Tie: Latest Breitbart/Gravis Poll Shows Donald Trump Closes the Gap with Less Than Two Weeks Left
Putin Mocks Clinton Claim Of Russia Election Meddling: ‘Is U.S. A Banana Republic?’
WATCH: CNN Called ‘Clinton News Network’ On Air by Fiery British Conservative
Apostate Evangelicals Are Poised To Become The Deciding Factor In A Hillary Clinton Election Victory
Shocking New Mock Hillary Ad Campaign Warns She’ll Take Us to War: #EnlistforHer, #FightforHer, #DieforHer
Robby Mook: Donald Trump ‘Absolutely Right’ About the Polls
VIDEO: Hillary stumbles boarding campaign plane
Reddit Users Declare War On Hillary’s Paid Internet Trolls Photo of Peter Hasson

Russian, US jets had near miss over Syria: US officials
A Russian fighter flew dangerously close to a US warplane over eastern Syria, US defence officials said Friday, highlighting the risks of a serious mishap in the increasingly crowded airspace.

A wounded California Guard soldier served four combat tours. Now he’s fighting the Pentagon

Schools All Over America Are Closing On Election Day Due To Fears Of Violence
All it is going to take is a single incident to change everything.

Homeless Woman Protects Trump’s Walk of Fame Star From Violent Leftists

Germany: Students Forced to Chant ‘Allahu Akbar,’ Punished for Refusing Trip to Mosque

Intolerance will not be tolerated!

Migrants rape 14-year-old girl in Germany, leave her for dead, get away with suspended sentences
Tony Blair says staying in the EU must remain an option
African ‘Refugee’ Carries Out Mass Shooting In Virginia
ISIS using ‘tens of thousands’ as human shields in Mosul – UN

Venezuela Throws In The Towel On Hyperinflation: Will Print 200x Higher-Denominated Bills
It will also create a self-fulfilling prophecy of even higher prices, sending the country’s hyperinflation into overdrive.

Bundy brothers, 5 other Malheur wildlife refuge occupiers not guilty of conspiracy, firearm charges
A jury found all seven remaining occupiers not-guilty of all charges except for one charge that has yet to be disclosed.

Could a DEAD astronaut seed life across the universe?
Researchers say dumping bodies into space could trigger new forms of life.

Terminated: ‘Skynet’ nuclear apocalypse scenario may come true, warns Russia’s top arms official

Surprise! New Report Shows STDs At ALL TIME High
A troubling rise in chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis rates, with cases reaching an all-time high in 2015.

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