Last Updated: Tuesday, March 19, 2019 15:25 GMT
MSM Jumps the Shark, Calls Joe Rogan "Far-Right"

Axios equates liberal podcast host with alt-right white supremacist Richard Spencer.

Islamist Tyrant Erdogan Threatens New Zealanders They'll Return in "Coffins" if They Visit Turkey
Turkish president causes fury with callous remark.

‘Dear Diary’ Acosta: Trump Is Mentally Unstable
“What does it say that the top aides are defending the President's mental fitness and denying that he's a white supremacist?"

President Trump on His Supporters: ‘They’re Smarter and They’re Tougher and They Work Their Asses Off’
Trump donates $100K paycheck to DHS

Facebook, YouTube and Twitter go to extraordinary lengths to take down mosque massacre videos
In the hours after a shooting suspect in New Zealand broadcast his mosque rampage across social media, internet companies worked quickly to remove versions of the video that continued to pop up on their platforms.

Australia’s prime minister calls for global social media restrictions after Christchurch shootings
Twitter Admits Shadowbanning Lisa Page Tweet By Federalist Co-Founder “To Keep People Safe”
Google VP Stepped In After Employees Offended By Christian Video On Marriage
Devin Nunes Explains His $250 Million Lawsuit Against Twitter

Putin Signs ‘Fake News,’ ‘Internet Insults’ Bills Into Law
Online news outlets and users that spread “fake news” will face fines of up to 1.5 million rubles ($22,900) for repeat offenses.

Beto O’Rourke raises $6.1 million on first day, topping Sanders and all other rivals
The Texas Democrat, who built an impressive fundraising operation last year against Ted Cruz, has sworn off all PAC donations.

VIDEO: Students say Ocasio-Cortez is face of Democrat party, not Pelosi
Sen. Cory Booker Vows That as Commander in Chief He Will Put Transgenders in the Military
Warren Dodges Question on Whether She’d Support Directly Paying Descendants of Slaves

Poll: New York State Voters Overwhelmingly Oppose Illegals Getting Drivers Licenses
A majority of New York State voters, according to a newly released Siena College poll, overwhelmingly oppose illegal immigrants receiving driver’s licenses.

Dem Reps Demand ICE Take ‘Very Ill’ Baby To The Hospital — ICE Says The Baby Doesn’t Exist
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) disputed claims Monday that they are refusing medical care for a severely sick infant that is currently being detained with his father at the border.

‘Go F**k Yourself’: John Oliver Attacks Jay Leno Over His Old Monica Lewinski Jokes
If this show is any indicator, the current state of late night is worse than anything Jay Leno could ever imagine.

Fox News ‘Suspends Judge Jeanine For 2 Weeks,’ Hires Donna Brazile As Contributor

Islamist Arrested at French Post Office Trying to Collect Sub-Machine Gun
A French former prisoner who had converted to Islam while incarcerated was arrested after trying to have a sub-machine gun delivered to him by post.

GILLIBRAND: Gun makers ‘want to sell’ to teens, suspected terrorists, mentally ill

France To Ban Yellow Vest Protests In Neighborhoods With “Ultra” Radicals
 ‘We will ban demonstrations if ultra elements’ are present, said Philippe, according to CNEWS.

Big Tech + Big Brother: Privatized social credit score systems coming to US sooner than we think?
Donald Trump Jr. is sounding the alarm, warning that if we do not stop Big Tech from shadow banning conservatives we’ll end up in the same boat as China and it’ll be our own damn fault. One problem: We’re already there.

China’s new social media craze: Paying random people to shower you with over-the-top compliments

Historic Flooding in Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa Kills 3, Cuts Off Entire Towns, Ruins 500 Homes in One County Alone
Rivers have reached historic levels in 41 locations across the Midwest.

Earth hit by meteor explosion 10 times more powerful than nuclear bomb, but no one noticed (PHOTOS)
The Bering Sea meteor reportedly exploded near a commercial airline flightpath between North America and Asia, though no sightings have yet been reported.

Euphoria: World Stocks In Longest Winning Streak Since Oct 2017
Europe’s early gains lifted MSCI’s All world index for a seventh straight day, the longest streak of consecutive gains since Oct 2017, and to its highest since October.

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