Last Updated: Friday, August 18, 2017 14:10 BST
Videos: CNN & MSNBC Wonder If Spain Attack Was Inspired By Charlottesville
"There will be questions about copycats."

‘People must open eyes to new reality’: Experts to RT in wake of Barcelona carnage
CIA ‘warned Spanish police of possible Barcelona attack’
SECOND terror attack in Spain
Barcelona attack van driver on the run
Barcelona and Cambrils attacks linked to house explosion in Spain

CIA ‘torture psychologists’ avoid trial with secret settlement
Avoided what would have been the first public trial of the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of torture on suspected Al-Qaeda members.

Two Former Wasserman Schultz IT Aides Indicted For Conspiracy Against U.S.

James Murdoch, Fox CEO, pledges $1m to the Anti-Defamation League
Denounces Trump’s reaction to Charlottesville violence.

ACLU Will No Longer Defend 1st Amendment Rights Of Those Who Exercise 2nd Amendment
Fighting Neo-Nazis and the Future of Free Expression

Numbers of migrants landing in Spain by boat triples
Numbers have more than tripled this year.

ISIS ‘Hit Squads’ Are Using The Refugee Program To Infiltrate Western Nations
Children trained as ISIS fighters are living in German refugee camps
Fifteen teenagers contract rabies after raping a donkey in Morocco

U.S.-South Korea war games start Monday as Pyongyang warns of ‘catastrophe’
Are tensions cooling in the Korean Peninsula?

CNN Commentator Accuses Trump Of Being A ‘White Supremacist’
“We have put a white supremacist in the White House.”

Violent Alt-Left Destroys County Flag, Hoists Antifa Flag in its Place…
Democratic Missouri Senator: “I Hope Trump Is Assassinated!”
Articles of Impeachment Drawn Over Trump’s Charlotteville Statements

Uber Sends Marketing Email Exploiting ‘Neo-Nazi Demonstration that Took Place in Charlottesville’
The company was exploiting the tragedy to drum up business.

Gartman: “This May Be One Of The Most Important Days In The Future Of Equity Markets”
Is The Eclipse Nothing More Than A Money-Making Scheme For The Elites?
The Dow Falls 274 Points As ‘Eclipse Fever’ Hits The Financial Markets
Palo Alto, CA Asks Residents To Power Down For Solar Eclipse

Baltimore: Robert E. Lee Statue Replaced With Statue of Pregnant Black Woman
The real demand for bitcoin will not be known until a global financial crisis guts confidence in central banks and politicized capital controls.

90-Year-Old Bust of Abe Lincoln Destroyed in Chicago Neighborhood
CNN’s Rye: Statues of Washington, Jefferson, and Robert E. Lee ‘All Need to Come Down’
‘Use your brain!’ Young black woman breaks down & eviscerates the media’s ‘fake racial war’
Group files another ‘Calexit’ initiative in push for California’s independence

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