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Buchanan: “Rogue” Obama’s Amnesty Is “Impeachable Act”
“We have just taken a monumental step away from republicanism toward Caesarism”.

Obama can’t get heckler to shut up about amnesty; watch the Emperor learn that it’s never enough
‘America’s toughest sheriff’ prepares to use Obama’s own words against him in amnesty showdown
‘You sold out your nation’: A scathing letter to President Obama
The Empire’s Justification
Forget Orwell And Rand, We’ve Gone To Full On Plato

Ferguson grand jury fails to reach decision on Darren Wilson indictment
‘Just don’t burn my shop down. Don’t destroy it’.

Three arrested in Ferguson as tension rises
Cleveland cop shoots 12yo boy carrying BB gun
French police unleash water cannon, tear gas against anti-brutality protesters (VIDEO)

Shocker: Up to 30,000 Lois Lerner Emails “Recovered”
So much for a “phony” scandal.

In Great Britain, Protecting Pedophile Politicians is a Matter of “National Security”
Those with the sickest minds understand that they can most easily get away with their deeds if they are protected by an aura of power and ostensible respectability.

U.S. plans to arm Iraq’s Sunni tribesmen with AK-47s, RPGs, mortars

The United States plans to buy arms for Sunni tribesmen in Iraq.

Cornered but unbound by nuclear pact, Israel reconsiders military action against Iran

Gold Set to Rally as Fed Considers Printing More Money
No one in their right mind should believe that we’ve finally recovered from the “great recession”.

Fed To Review Its Own Oversight Of Big Banks

Expert: US Being Hit by ‘Twice As Much’ Radiation as Originally Reported
The concentration is expected to increase for the next two to three years.

3 Billion Gallons of Highly-Toxic Fracking Waste Dumped Into California Drinking Water Supply

Lee Harvey Oswald Proven Innocent, Victim Of CIA Plot, Worked For RFK
The following narrative concerning the true role of Lee Harvey Oswald in the assassination of John F. Kennedy is both simple and complex.

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