Last Updated: Monday, August 29, 2016 18:05 BST
Video: Americans Don't Know Vice-President's Name After Eight Years in Office
One man thinks Joe Biden is a "race car driver".

Black Lives Matter Vows to Destroy the "Nuclear Family"
In favor of communitarian 'collective care'.

Black Pride Quarterback Who Wouldn’t Stand For National Anthem Fined $11K For Using ‘N’ Word
Colin Kaepernick Converted To Islam Before His Anti-American Stance. Coincidence?
VIDEO: Kaepernick fans burn jerseys after 49ers QB refuses to stand during national anthem

MSNBC Hosts Ramp Up ‘Trump Is Mentally Ill’ Smear
"There's not anybody at this table who doesn't think he has some sort of problem."

Trump Recruiting Army Of 'Observers' To Prevent 'Rigged' Election
FBI says foreign hackers penetrated state election systems
Trump calls on Brzezinski to apologize for ‘coordinated gang attack’ on black pastor
Poll: 67 percent think illegal immigrants more likely to commit serious crime
Trump challenges Hillary to release ‘detailed’ medical records — SHE REFUSES

Huffington Post Bans Journalist For Writing About Hillary's Health, Deletes Article
"This is spooky, to me this is extremely spooky".

Billionaire Clinton Foundation Donor Denied Entry Into US Because Of Terror Ties
Clinton Foundation donors given special treatment while Hillary was DoS head, emails show
MSNBC Asks Black Man to Watch Hillary Clinton Clip, Shows Him Fried Chicken Commercial Instead
Hillary Clinton Gave Medal & Cash Award to Chinese Nationalist to Blow Up Christmas Tree As “Art”

“Just Making Stuff up in Court”: Grotesquely Incompetent Judge Won’t Suspend Mandatory Vaccination
Bad fiction.

The Right Lessons from Obamacare’s Meltdown

Banks getting ready for ‘economic nuclear winter’
According to CNBC quoting a major lender, banks are “preparing for an economic nuclear winter situation.”

Former Barrick Gold President: “A Big Move Has Begun… There’s Something Fundamentally Wrong With The Economy”
America The Debt Pig: We Are A ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ Society – And ‘Pay Later’ Is Rapidly Approaching

UN to Take Control of Internet October 1st
If the U.S. abdicates internet stewardship, the United Nations might take control.

Yemen attack: Isis suicide bombing leaves at least 54 dead at army camp in Aden
Explosion leaves more than 60 people wounded.

ISIS Terrorists Infiltrating Canada, Suspected of Plotting Attacks
Witchcraft, Islam And Humanism Are Filling The Spiritual Void Left By The Dying Church
Would-be suicide bomber seized by congregation in Indonesian church, after attacking priest with an axe
Iceland: PBS News Celebrates Refugees “Diversifying Their Mostly White & Christian Nation”

Stanford Teaches Female Freshmen to ‘Drink Responsibly’. Feminists Protest as ‘SEXISM!’
So, Stanford’s created a web-page warning incoming female freshman about the dangers of binge drinking.

Students Add Trigger Warnings To Posts On Pokemon GO, U.S. Constitution, ‘White Men’
Political correctness directly leads 16-year-old girl to commit suicide

Brussels crime lab fire: Five held over blaze ‘started to destroy evidence’
Five people have been arrested over a fire at crime laboratories in Brussels that officials believe may have been started to destroy forensic evidence.

Surprise: Gun ownership rises to 44% of all homes
After a steady decline in gun ownership in recent years, more homes are reporting having a weapon inside, according to a new survey.

Anthony Weiner sexted busty brunette while his son was in bed with him

This is baby-sitting — Anthony Weiner-style.

Is Earth being contacted by ALIENS?
Mystery radio signals coming from a sun-like star baffle scientists.

Creepy Mushroom Cloud Over Russian Town Scares the Hell Out of Residents (VIDEO)
Could A Tropical Weather System Help Spread The Zika Virus?

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