Last Updated: Monday, September 22, 2014 21:23 BST
Mysterious Georgia Guidestones Get Strange '2014' Update
The mysterious Georgia Guidestones, which some see as an elite manifesto for neo-eugenics and population reduction - have received a strange 2014 update.

Over 150,000 Demand Recount After Allegations of Scottish Vote Fraud
Officials admit viral videos have prompted wave of suspicion.

Feds Swarm Plane, Interrogate Passengers Over Travel Group Logo That Resembled 'ISIS'
DHS unconcerned about border threat, but luggage motif prompts panic.

US admits there is a much scarier terrorist group than ISIS
Passenger ejected from flight over notebook doodles
Blair Backs Obama, But Thinks Ground Troops Needed
ISIS Slams “Mule Of The Jews” Obama, Demands Killing Of “Disbelievers” Especially “Filthy French”

Illinois Cop Loses It As Driver Attempts To Exercise Rights At Unconstitutional Checkpoint

Whacked out officer rips open car door and yells like a drill sergeant.

White House Intruder Identified As Texas Army Veteran
Secret Service Mulls Security Checkpoints Around White House
How Americans For Shared Prosperity ad zings Obama policies and programs

Obama needs no U.N. approval to order airstrikes in Syria, ambassador says
“We have a legal basis we need,” Samantha Power said on ABC’s “This Week.”

Iran seeks give and take on Islamic State militants, nuclear program
Congress Votes for More War in the Middle East
The PetroYuan Cometh: China Docks Navy Destroyer In Iran’s Strait Of Hormuz Port
Chinese warships in first call at an Iran port

‘Burn!!!’ Rand Paul smacks down Michelle O’s bossy eating campaign with one photo
Michelle Obama’s goal as first lady seems to be telling everyone in America what they’re allowed to eat – but not everyone is buying it.

Interviewing the dead Albert Einstein about free will

Scottish Independence Vote Stolen, Massive Coverup Ensues, Usual Suspects ID’ed

The United Kingdom Could Not Lose Scotland — The City Of London Would NOT Allow It.

French Farmers Set Tax Office On Fire – Demise of Europe
SNP Politician Calls For Investigation into Scottish Referendum Vote Rigging
America Has its Own Growing Secession Movement

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